Fertility Foods
soupAt the core of Chinese Medicine is the concept that food and health are inseparable. To some, this may be stating the obvious but for many of my patients the awesome power of real food is not completely understood. Real food is medicine; over processed “food” can be poison to you and your fertility. Dr. Mark Hyman put it best, when he said, “there is no such thing as junk food. There is food and there is junk.”

You are what you eat and your baby is too, even before conception. What you put into your body is affecting the quality and the strength of your eggs and sperm, many months before you even try to conceive. There are general food guidelines that everyone should follow, there are particular fertility foods that should be added to your diet and there are depleting and toxic “food like substances” that should be avoided.

Herb and Supplements

acupuncture-riThere is no one herb or supplement that is right for everyone. Each person has a unique health make up and unique imbalances that need to be address. I recommend working with a certified herbalist who specializes in or has clinical experience working with fertility. Anyone can do some research on the web and find out what herbs show benefits for fertility but a certified herbalist with clinical diagnostic experience will know what works best for you and your specific needs based on a thorough examination of your case. Additionally your CF charting can be a priceless tool in determining what formulas would be most effective. I have found over the last sixteen years that, time tested, classical Chinese formulas and individualized formulas, created for just you are the most effective approaches. Additionally it is crucial that the formulas correlate to the different phases of the menstrual cycle. The most effective herbal treatment or supplement is not some “latest, greatest miracle cure all.” It is a well thought out protocol based on the unique aspects of your CF chart and your unique medicinal needs.