Acupuncture for Pregnancy – Tests I use to help me determine the underlying causes of your fertility issues.
Hair Analysis

Hair analysis evaluates: your mineral balance or lack thereof, the heavy metal load on your body and how effectively your minerals are supporting your thyroid and adrenals. Hair analysis gives us an indication of how effectively your hormones are functioning and whether the body has access to enough minerals to run the enzymatic processes crucial to menstrual health and pregnancy.

Hair analysis is an easy, inexpensive test to perform. The results help me create a nutrition and supplement treatment plan that is specifically designed to address your particular circumstances.

Saliva Tests

Saliva testing tests for the ‘free’ active form of your hormones. Additionally it looks at the hormone levels and their relationships throughout an entire monthly cycle not just a one day(one minute) snap shot of your hormonal relationships (i.e. day three or day twenty-one tests only give you information about that particular moment in time.) For example what if the hormonal imbalance/arrhythmia occurs on day fourteen? You would never know it and never be able to get to the bottom of your particular fertility issue because your hormones were tested on day three. Saliva testing gives us a picture of your hormonal rhythms through out the month.

Routine Blood Tests

Some women have already had routine blood testing done by their OBGYN and we can use these results as a starting point for basic abnormalities like TSH levels or FSH to LH ratio for PCOS. Often times however these routine tests are not adequate for our purposes and additional blood testing can give us a greater understanding of some core basic pregnancy problems.

Chinese Fertility Charting

I included CF Charting in the test category as well because it gives us a monthly reading of numberous crucial aspects of your cycle and helps us evaluate your progress to determine where we need to concentrate our efforts and adjust the treatment plan. Please see the Chinese Fertiltiy Charting page for more information.