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Mezotrace® is a mineral-rich calcium and magnesium mineral supplement that provides the most complete source of minerals known to exist. A totally unique carbonate compound rich in minerals and trace elements. Two million years in the making Mezotrace® is a 100 percent natural and unique mineral-rich supplement, abundant in calcium, magnesium and trace elements. It contains 11 of the known 17 essential minerals for optimum health, and 64 minerals altogether. Mined from an exclusive rock formation in the western United States. Speculation is that it was formed from a freshwater seabed during the Triassic-Jurassic periods of the Mesozoic Era, approximately 150 to 200 million years ago. The purity and viability of these minerals and trace elements has been protected from erosion, leaching, and outside pollutants by being encased, since original formation, in rock rich in naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is a powerful antioxidant and is thought to have played a major role in the preservation of the extraordinarily large percentage of organics found in Mezotrace®. Mezotrace® may provide support in relieving leg cramping and muscle spasms, promoting healthier hair and nail growth, cleansing and regulating the digestive system and bowels. It has been used by pregnant women and nursing mothers as an aid to better nutrition, to ensure in more comfortable deliveries, healthier babies, and increased natural milk content

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