What do Magic and Cooking have in Common?

Let us first define the terms.

Magic is when something happen, how and why it happens is a mystery.

Cooking is putting ingredients together and adding heat. The ingredients transform into something different.
Fertility is when you put an egg and sperm together and make a baby.

The common threads in cooking and fertility are: timing, ingredients and the temperature all have to be right. So cooking and fertility are a lot alike.

Next, cooking and fertility with magic: something happens, how and why it happens is a mystery. This was my definition of magic right? But it’s also true of cooking and fertility.

“Experts” can talk about the science behind cooking and fertility but does anyone really know why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? I’ve followed recipes to the letter and made total disasters; better yet, “unexplained infertility?” It means there’s nothing wrong with you yet you can’t fall pregnant. A mystery!
Why does connecting any of this matter? Because I see the stress women and couples are under when fertility becomes an issue and I have witness the magic of what can happen when women start cooking and eating real food. I mean really cooking, not heating something from a box. In my experience, very often, “unexplained infertility” comes from a lack of nutrition. One of the best treatments is to stop eating and drinking junk and start cooking food!

Cooking leads to a healthier, calmer life style. The entire process is a peaceful nurturing ritual we have lost. Remember what it feels like to have a home cooked meal? It feels really good. Your parasympathetic system (i.e. feed and breed mode) needs to be turned back on. Cook more and turn the magic back on in your body and soul. Heck maybe you’ll even make love in the kitchen that could be double magic.

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