gilmartinPatricia Gilmartin, My journey to become a fertility acupuncturist.
acupuncture RIOver the last three decades I have come to understand the rich and evidence based history Chinese medicine has in treating reproductive issues. Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors, have been treating gynecological imbalances and infertility for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They meticulously recorded all of their findings and refined that information to the point we are at now. Today we can combine the technology of Western medicine with the harmony and nurturing aspects of Chinese medicine to treat reproductive issues and infertility in a less invasive, yet highly successful way. By doing this we are able to treat the root cause of the issue rather than just the symptoms of the underlying problem.

My first step in this direction was in 1984, during my freshman year at Boston University; at that time I was afforded the opportunity to take a class in herbal medicine. I quickly came to realize the power of herbs especially for women and their reproductive health. Herbs are essentially food, albeit “super food,” therefore they are a very effective way to nourish the reproductive systems of both men and women. Giving a whole super food for medicinal purposes is a safe, subtle, yet highly effective method of care.

After graduating from BU, I traveled to California and began studying herbal medicine more seriously. During that time I became a Childbirth Assistant; some call this a Doula. I assisted several midwives in home births where I was able to witness firsthand the clinical application of herbal medicine for child birth and labor.

In 1992 I was given herbal medicine during the home birth to my own son, all went well. Shortly after his birth I entered acupuncture school; over the next four years I was able to elevate my knowledge of reproductive health and treatment to the next level.

I knew when I moved back to the east coast to open my clinic I wanted to work with women’s health. I was astounded however by the number of women and men seeking help for infertility. Over the last sixteen years, as a fertility acupuncturist I have treated an increasing number of men and women with sub fertility issues which has lead me to dig even deeper into my studies in order to further refine my fertility protocol.