Want to learn more about Acupuncture and Fertility?
Fertility is a natural state of being.

This page was designed to addresses the main underlying causes of fertility issues. I have kept this information simple to focus on the most important basic elements concerning fertility. I hope this information clears away any confusion you may have and gives you new perspective on the possibilities of natural conception.

All creatures on this earth have the ability to reproduce and when they cannot it is due to one of two issues:

1. Structural problems impeding the process, such as blocked fallopian tubes in women or in men an obstruction i.e. scare tissue effecting sperm quality and count.

2. Hormonal Imbalances and or Nutritional Deficiencies, which lead to things like “unexplained infertility” or PCOS in women and decreased sperm count in men.

Today more and more women and men are seeking help with their fertility issues through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). ART was originally designed for people with structural issues (category number one). However, in the last decade, a growing percentage of women and men who have hormonal/nutritional issues (category number two) are turning to ART for there fertility solutions and for a large number of these people it may not be necessary.

Using natural methods you can re balance your hormones and enhance your nutritional well-being, to restore the rhythm of your reproductive system and achieve a healthy pregnancy, naturally. Acupuncture, appropriately prescribed herbs, supplements and extensive nutritional counseling are natural, effective methods to reach this goal. Before a couple considers reproductive endocrinology and the use of artificial means to become pregnant I believe we should all give our bodies the tools and the opportunity to regain health and conceive naturally.

When the problem is structural often times western medical assistance is necessary however even in these cases studies have shown (Source: http://www.healthcmi.com/acupuncturist-news-online/691-acupunctureinfertilityivfpid) that using acupuncture for fertility, herbs and nutritional enhancement increases your chances of becoming pregnant.

Keep in mind, every situation is unique and I want to help you clear through all the excess information found on the web and focus on the main issues to consider if you are having fertility issues. If after reading through my website you find that these fertility issues and or tests have not been addressed in your search for a solution to your sub fertility, I recommend finding a practitioner who does more than just put needles in you and tells you to come back in a week. You need a thorough diagnosis, possibly more testing and you need to be charting and analyzing your charts with your practitioner every week, anything short of this is a waste of your time and money, in my opinion.

So let’s get started!