Private Consult and Treatment
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Initial consults (1½ hours) involves a thorough intake and evaluation. We review relevant medical history and utilize traditional pulse, tongue and abdominal examination.


I also take time to dialogue with you about the nature of your health concern, so you are able to achieve a comprehensive picture based in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be very helpful to not only benefit from the experience of acupuncture, but also to have a clear sense of what you might expect for acute and long term care.


According to the nature of the concern, different methods of acupuncture and adjunct therapeutic modalities may be employed. Cupping, Gua Sha, E-stim, Moxabustion (a type of heat treatment), Infrared heat.


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We accept all forms of payment (cash, checks,HSA cards,credit/debit and cards)
All services require payment in full at time of service.


Insurance invoicing is available for your convenience to arrange reimbursement with your insurance company yourself.